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TypeMock bug discovered

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Today we found TypeMock.Init() began to fail with an error like:

Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture.  Make sure “c2.resources” was correctly embedded or linked into assembly “TypeMock” at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed.

It turned out this was due to nag screen which is supposed to display when the trial has seven days to run. The nag screen could not be initialized due to a missing resource file.

We posted in the bug forum, and a moderator has confirmed they will issue a fix.

I discovered this by examining the assembly with Reflector. As a temporary fix we were able to also find the registry key used for the date, delete it and reinstall — this reset the nag to 21 days.

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14 October, 2008 at 18:24

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