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RSpec — common base specs

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Sometimes I am fond of creating inheritance chains for tests, which is easy in Java or C# say, but not quite as obvious in rspec.

Define and register a base class

It just needs to inherit from Spec::Example::ExampleGroup so it’s runnable.

require 'spec/example/example_group'
class UnitTest < Spec::Example::ExampleGroup
   def you_can_call_this

Spec::Example::ExampleGroupFactory.register(:unit_test, UnitTest)

Set the type when describing

describe 'By supplying the :type', :type => :unit_test do
    it 'this example group inherits from whatever class you supply as :type' do
        self.protected_methods.should include('you_can_call_this')

You now have common base class to your specifications.

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6 November, 2010 at 13:37

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