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Selenium RC

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Selenium RC allows selenium testing to be automated — run as part of unit test suite.


  1. Download it. Package includes both the server and clients that you can use to write your tests with.
  2. Ensure the Selenium RC server is running. Requires single jar invocation as shown in the tutorial.


  1. Server can only be started once — otherwise socket-related exception results.
  2. I have had some strange problems with security in Internet Explorer. The first request works, but subsequent requests fail with security exceptions — and the first request waits on a “do you wish to close this window dialog”. Perhaps a Windows update has affected it.
  3. Firefox 3.0 will not start
UPDATE: I just noticed that the Selenium IDE (Firefox) actually generates sourcecode for tests — not just HTML markup

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21 September, 2008 at 17:12

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